Dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners but the fact is, many of us are just as loyal to them. One woman who goes by the name of Chole has fallen on hard times. She has been living on the streets for 8 years in Tijuana, Mexico. Homelessness is sadly a reality too many people face. It is heartbreaking and so many try to do what they can to help.

Chole, whose name is actually Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran, was spotted by police in her makeshift “shelter.” Chole used a large black trash bag to protect herself, and her six dogs, from the rain. The police officers tried to convince the 65-year-old woman to come with them where they would find her a bed in a shelter but Chole refused.

Knowing the rules and regulations of the shelters, Chole told the officers, repeatedly, that she would not leave her dogs behind. One of her dogs was pregnant and expecting pups at any moment. Still, the officers tried to persuade her. They used every tactic necessary, without being aggressive, to convince Chole that staying outside in the cold and rain could make her very sick, and then she wouldn’t be able to care for her dogs at all.

The officers gently argued with Chole for half an hour before she finally relented and agreed to go to her son’s house for the night. But by the next morning, Chole was back out on the streets with her dogs again. A photographer, Omar Camarillo, shared Chole’s story and photos online on Facebook. He, like so many others, was amazed by the woman’s devotion to her canine family.

As the story was shared, it finally drew attention to one woman named Alejandra. She gathered whatever she could, blankets, water, and food, and made her way to Chole and her dogs. Chole was so grateful for Alejandra’s help that she actually began to cry.

What stunned Alejandra the most was that Chole’s story was shared on the biggest social media platform in the world, yet she was the only person that actually stepped up and brought Chole things that she needed. Alejandra is hoping that her good deed will inspire others to donate as well.

Chole still remains on the streets. She will not, no matter what, leave her dogs behind. She is truly the embodiment of an avid dog lover. To learn more about Chole and her story, check out the video below! We want to give a special shoutout to both Omar and Alejandra for sharing their photos.