Millions of pet parents around the globe are hunkered down indoors with their animals due to the pandemic. Most non-essential businesses have been ordered closed by the government, and that includes most dog grooming salons.

Many dog owners have taken to trying to trim their dogs at home until it is safe to once again visit the professional groomer. Count Captain America in as one of those pet parents who misses his dog’s groomer.

Source: @chrisevans/Instagram

On the big screen, actor Chris Evans is known for playing Captain America. Even superheroes own dogs, and Evans took to Instagram to talk about this recently.

The star shared a photo of his dog, Dodger, after he attempted to groom him. He shared the image with the caption, “It went so wrong, so fast. I guess some things are better left to the professionals. (He hasn’t seen a mirror yet. I told him it looks great).”

Source: @ChrisEvans/Twitter

The photo shows a big chunk of fur missing from Dodger’s coat. We think Captain America should stick to fighting crime and wait for the grooming experts to take care of Dodger’s coat.

Click below to see the video Evans shared a few years back when he first met Dodger at the shelter.