Cinderblock the cat’s time was running out. The eight-year-old cat was taken to Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington, to be euthanized. His owner was struggling with her own health and caring for her father, who has dementia.

Unfortunately, the cat tipped the scales at 25 pounds, making her morbidly obese. Staff at Northshore got right to work on Cinder, refusing to put her down. The facility’s medical director and veterinarian, Brita Kiffney, asked Cinder’s previous owner to let her have the cat.

Source: Cinder Gets Fit/YouTube

The hospital posted a video of Cinder’s regular workouts to Facebook. The fluffy feline is seen working out on an underwater treadmill. Eventually, the cat’s videos made its way to Reddit’s front page with millions of views resulting.

The cat is very relatable according to Dr. Kiffney, as she meows in disdain during her treadmill workouts. She also feels that people relate to her because like many of us, the kitty doesn’t want to exercise.

Source: Cinder Gets Fit/YouTube

She hopes the cat’s newly discovered fame shines a spotlight on pet obesity.

“We are hoping to raise awareness of pet obesity, as nearly 60% of pet cats are either overweight or obese,” Kiffney stated. “Many people do not realize their pet is overweight.”

Watch Cinder in action in the video below. Way to get in shape, sweetie!