A person from Bliss, Idaho took to Facebook recently with a very alarming status update in the Gooding Dogs Group. The post stated, “I live on the canyon edge over in Bliss and there is a Great Pyrenees that is stuck in the cliffs between our houses. She has contacted the sheriff’s office, who never showed up. We’ve asked around the area, nobody seems to know whose dog this might be. We’re all concerned, as it’s been up there a few days. They did leave some food and water for it yesterday. No pictures available, If this is your dog, please come help.”

Dave Wright, president and founder of Friends Furever Animal Rescue heard about this stranded dog and immediately got involved.

Source: Friends Furever Animal Rescue/Facebook

The dog, a Great Pyrenees large-sized breed, was seen trapped on the side of a very steep cliff deep in rural Idaho. Locals believe the dog was stranded there for at least five days. No one is aware of how he came to the location, but he was stuck and could not find a way down.

Using Google Earth to hone in on the dog, he contacted a volunteer and rock climber, Richard Jensen, to help. Jensen flew a drone near the dog to locate the best access path to him.

Source: Friends Furever Animal Rescue/Facebook

Together, Wright and Jensen climbed up to attempt a rescue. They were able to slip a leash onto him, provide water, and be sure he wasn’t severely injured. Once they gained trust, the descent down was a success.

He was examined and found to be full of fleas with some infected sores. He is in a foster home while Wright tries to find the owner or help him get adopted.

Source: Friends Furever Animal Rescue/Facebook

They’ve named the dog Clifford and believe he is about 1-1/2 years old with a sweet personality. Watch the rescue play out in the video below.