Some people should not be allowed to own dogs, and Marty Lee Jones is one of them. The 66-year-old Clover, South Carolina man is charged with over 100 counts of ill treatment of animals and rabies violations.

Authorities received complaints about an excessive number of pups on the Jones property. On arrival, they removed 56 sick dogs covered in fleas. Police say they were discovered in “unacceptable living conditions.”

Source: WBTV

The poor animals had patchy hair indicating some sort of skin condition in addition to the flea infestations. Although many of the affected pets were inside, other sick animals were found in a pen behind the house.

Jones is charged with 59 counts of ill treatment of animals and 51 counts of rabies inoculation violations. Attempts to capture a cat on the property failed, as the animal ran away.

Source: WBTV

Inside the home, the floor was covered with animal waste, insects, and garbage. The house was in such bad shape that officers wore hazmat suits to go inside.

Bobbie Corner with York County told WBTV, “Because of our amazing support network, we have yet to euthanize for space throughout this week. We are still in a critical period and are continuing to ask for support from adopters and rescues.”

Source: Nostaglic T + Allen/Flickr