Imagine you find a homeless dog that is so incredibly matted, you are unable to determine if it is a boy or a girl. That’s exactly what happened when rescuers came upon a Cocker Spaniel found wandering alone, afraid, injured, and neglected on the side of the road in the desert.

The folks at JJ Woofin Paws, who rescued her, had a gut instinct that she was a girl so they named her Dorothy. Like most Cocker Spaniels, despite all she had been through, her tail never stopped wagging.

Source: JJ Woofinpaws/YouTube

Her mats were in such bad shape that rescuers found dead bugs, telephone wires, and sticks in them. Poor Dorothy cried when anyone tried to touch her.

A veterinary visit discovered an eyelid growth and wounds all over her body. After sedation for a bath and shaving, several hours later a completely different looking dog emerged.

Source: JJ Woofinpaws/YouTube

Now that she was clean and treated, Dorothy started trusting the rescuers.

After she recovered completely, the three-year-old Cocker found a forever home with a loving family. Congratulations on your success, sweetie!

Source: JJ Woofinpaws/YouTube

Watch the amazing transformation in the video below.