A hunter is facing a huge social media backlash after posting gruesome photos of her mountain lion ‘kill’ on Facebook. Franchesca Esplin smiled proudly for the camera, with one photo showing the dead mountain lion slumped in her arms. Other photos are equally as disturbing, and although many folks are outraged, there’s more to the story.

Hunting for a mountain lion is not illegal in Colorado. The woman had a valid lion hunting license at the time of the shooting, so no laws were broken.

The 28-year-old taxidermist and mother wrote on a since-deleted Facebook post, “Thank you to all those that helped out, you guys have NO idea how happy I am.” Apparently, killing a mountain lion was high atop her bucket list.

Not everyone shares in her revelry. The group, Prairie Protection Colorado, posted to their Facebook page, “It’s not Franchesca that I’m after, although I think that her behavior and mentality is deplorable. But it’s not just her. It’s the whole mentality that goes behind trophy hunters.”

Source: Facebook/Prairie Protection Colorado

Esplin, and many other hunters, claim they use every part of the animal and it is not just the thrill of the hunt.

Prairie Protection Colorado’s executive director Deanna Meyer, told Yahoo News, “I do not find anything wrong at all with ethical hunting. To me, that doesn’t include selfies of the dead animal with laughing and elation.”