Millions of forgotten street dogs die of starvation every single day, while many others succumb of injuries and diseases due to the lack of medical care. The city of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez in Mexico has come up with 2 brilliant programs to care for the 300,000 odd street dogs in their area.


Source: Respuesta Ciudadana Soledad/Facebook | CN13 Noticias/YouTube


The programs are initiated under “Respuesta Ciudadana”, which is a response group manned together by City Hall employees and citizens. The first program runs under the name “ComeDog”, and it focuses on providing adequate food and clean water to the homeless dogs.

The “ComeDog” volunteers have installed 15 PVC pipes all over the city to serve as food and water dispensers for the starving dogs. The members of Respuesta Ciudadana will ensure that the dispensers are refilled every day.


Posted by Respuesta Ciudadana Soledad on Wednesday, January 9, 2019


The second program, called the “AmbuDog”, is actually an ambulance that runs through the city to cater to the sick or wounded dogs. The “AmbuDog” workers will be responsible for the dogs’ vaccinations and spaying/neutering too!


Posted by La Crónica de Oriente on Friday, January 25, 2019


These programs are still in an introductory phase, but they are already bringing in a meaningful change in the lives of the unwanted and neglected dogs. What an innovative way for the community to lookout for these unfortunate creatures! Let’s spread this amazing gesture and inspire other cities to follow suit!

Click the video below to watch how these programs have triggered an era of change in the lives of the street dogs!