The Fourth of July is a time for families, fun, and fireworks. A group of concertgoers out for an evening of festive activities witnessed a man abusing his dog at an Independence Day event in San Angelo, Texas.

The quick-thinking family videotaped the abuse and shared it to social media, hoping to identify the person. Within 20 hours, there were over 700 shares of the post.

Source: Concho Valley PAWS/Facebook

On the video, the man is seen yanking and punching a German Shepherd Dog. The animal welfare group, Concho Valley PAWS, asked the general public to message them with any information about the assailant.

Fortunately, the man and his location were found, and the agency is following up with police in the area.

Source: Concho Valley PAWS/Facebook

“While we do not have any legal authority or jurisdiction in the matter, we do have a voice and will use it to advocate for this dog,” Jenie Wilson, PAWS Executive Director stated. “To us, it is a clear case of animal abuse … we will leave it to (law enforcement) to seek justice.”

Many people on social media were upset with the persons filming the abuse. PAWS, however, says they are heroes because of the evidence it provides.

Source: Concho Valley PAWS/Facebook

The power of social media comes through again to get hopefully get a dog away from an abuser.

Warning that the video below shows the actual footage of the abuse as captured by the witnesses.