Cooper, a 2-year-old American Fox Hound, was born with a rare birth defect. He suffered from short spine syndrome, which is caused by irresponsible inbreeding. This meant that he would have only half the body of a normal dog, with no neck.



Cooper was dumped on a farm by his breeders when he was just 2-months-old when they realized he was of no use to them. Luckily, he was found by rescue workers, who decided to give him a fair chance at life.

He was taken to the vets where he was treated for ear mites, worms, and a hernia. He couldn’t walk for long periods and had difficulty while pooping. But, everyone was shocked to see the high-spirits of the little baby, who had no idea that the world saw him with different eyes.



Cooper finally found a forever home with Elly and Andy Keegan, who have a large family of dogs. They keep him on regular antibiotics to control his condition and keep him infection free. For them, this special needs pup turned out to be the happiest dog ever!



His disabilities continue to give him a hard time, but Cooper braves it all with a happy smile. He lights up the room with his presence and is very protective of his family.



His precious “short-on-spine, big-on-love” attitude has stolen our hearts. We have nothing but love and admiration for the inspiring Cooper!

Click the video below to watch Cooper be an adorable ball of happiness!