Cooper is a one-year-old Labrador-Pit Bull mix who lost his hind leg at the age of four months. A car struck the dog but that hasn’t slowed him down. Most recently, Cooper attempted to take a bite out of crime in his family’s Birmingham, Alabama home.

One of the kids in the family, Nathan Ulmer, was sound asleep in his room and awoke to a bloody mess all over the house.

Source: WBRC

“When I woke up, I saw blood tracked through the house and at first, I thought it was my dog. I thought he might have cut his foot or something,” Ulmer told WBRC News.

As he checked out the scene, he realized it was way too much blood for a dog. The family is having their house painted, and Ulmer believes a thief used the painter’s ladder to enter their home while he was asleep.

Source: WBRC

Three-legged Cooper is presumed to have thwarted the robbery by attacking and scaring the would-be criminal away.

Ulmer is amazed by his dog, who is normally a sweet and cuddly pooch.

Source: WBRC

“I was surprised because usually he’s very nice and sweet and stuff but, I don’t know, I guess he knew he wasn’t supposed to be there,” he said.

What a good boy you are, Cooper!