In June of 2014, the Cleveland Police Department received a call about a dog being brutally beaten in the middle of the street. And a certain officer took it upon himself to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Cleveland Police responded to a call about a dog being abused in the middle of the road. A man had hit the dog with a brick and started to choke him.

When the officers arrived on the scene, the Pit Bull jumped into their squad car and showed his sweet, loving nature.

It was officer Brandon Melbar who agreed to foster Harvard knowing how tough it is for Pit Bulls to get adopted. But then he fell in love with the dog and decided to adopt him!

This wasn’t the first and only time a Cleveland police officer went above and beyond for a dog in need. Officer John Lyons is shown here lying with a sick and pregnant dog that he took home to comfort. He and his wife kept the dog and her pups! šŸ™‚

Harvard received all of the medical care needed and started his journey to living a normal life.

Thanks to Officer Melbar for giving Harvard a much-deserved second chance at life!

Police officers don’t always get the credit they deserve. Although now a few years old, this heartwarming story deserves to be seen and heard by everyone! šŸ™‚