Pig on the loose, porky goes wild, someone squealed on the piggy: Whatever you want to call it, this is the tale of a pig who went missing.

A pot-bellied pig named Charlotte went missing after escaping the enclosure at her home. Her owner, Yvette Anna Hoffman, of Dayton, Ohio, had no idea the pig was gone.

Source: Facebook/Yvette Anna Hoffman

Police tried to capture sweet Charlotte, but the 200-pound pig ignored their verbal commands. They were able to secure her between two squad cars, but Charlotte squirmed her way out of that!

Once the pig’s owner arrived on the scene, she had the magic trick to lure Charlotte to safety. She busted out a box of the pig’s favorite indulgence, Oreo double-stuffed cookies!

It worked because as soon as Charlotte sniffed her favorite snack, she moseyed over to indulge. After munching the entire pack, Charlotte was apprehended.

The Middletown Police Department shared some fun photos of the capture, which garnered a ton of likes and shares on social media. As for Charlotte, her mom says the social pig likely got out to socialize and make new pals.

Source: Facebook/Middletown Division of Police

This is one piggy who went wee wee wee all the way home!