A petrified dog named Cora was surrendered to the Marin Humane Society in California. Once she arrived, they examined her and discovered that she had recently given birth.

They were unsure of where the puppies were, but assumed the owner still had them.

When puppies are that young, they still need their mother’s milk so they could be properly nourished and grow to be healthy and strong. With this in mind, the shelter decided to reach out to Cora’s former owners and successfully convinced them to surrender the puppies so they’d be able to nurse from their mom.

Meanwhile, the Cora was still terrified and extremely depressed. She wouldn’t even come out from hiding in the corner of her kennel.

The shelter employees were heartbroken at the sight of Cora’s scared and confused demeanor. But can you blame her? Not only was she taken away from her puppies, but her owners just dumped her at the shelter like she was trash.

Thankfully, everything changed once Cora was reunited with her puppies. Once they arrived, one of the shelter workers held a puppy out to Cora, which resulted in her slowly coming out of her hiding place.

As she inched her way toward the puppy, she quickly realized it was one of her own. Her entire demeanor chained, and Cora, who had been so scared and upset, was now wagging her tail and feeling much more confident.

Their reunion is absolutely heartwarming, and the puppies were just as excited to see their mom as Cora was to see them.

Watch the reunion in the video below: