When one man kills two dogs over the course of three years, there’s a pattern indicating a serious problem. According to Broome County Court in New York, 21-year-old Kyle Corbin pled guilty to a number of charges in conjunction with the murder of two dogs spanning three years. The first set of charges are in conjunction with the murder of a Pitbull dog in 2020.

“According to his guilty plea, Kyle D. Corbin did intentionally kill an adult female Pitbull by repeatedly punching, kicking, and stomping the dog,” Broome County District Attorney Michael A. Korcha stated. ” When located by police, Corbin possessed black metal knuckles, all contrary to the provisions of the statute.”

Source: Voice For Us/Facebook

For this crime, Corbin faces one to three years in prison and is subject to be placed in the Broome County Animal Abuse Registry. Corbin’s first canine victim was a Chihuahua dog belonging to his aunt. At the time, Corbin was 18 years old and is accused of stomping the tiny dog to death before throwing the body into a creek. At the time, his aunt reported the dog to be missing and blood on her carpet.

Source: Stephan Louis/Unsplash

Recently, Corbin pled guilty to criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree and cruelty to animals, which are both felonies in New York. His sentencing is scheduled for later this year. We are grateful to everyone involved in this case.

H/T: WBNG, Press Connects