Munchkin is an adorable senior Corgi who narrowly escaped unnecessary euthanasia. His owners no longer wanted the 10-year-old sweet pooch in favor of a new puppy they added to the household.

They took Munchkin to their local vet and asked he be put down rather than surrendering the healthy dog to a shelter. Fortunately, the pup was given to local rescue, A Home For Spot, where his story was posted to social media.

Source: KVVU-TV

Although many people applied to be his new owners, Michele Padilla ultimately became his new mom.

“He’s perfectly healthy he has a wonderful disposition. It just seems crazy to me,” Padilla shared. “Unfortunately, this happens more than anyone of us would like to know. Munchkin was very lucky. It does happen that they kind of get dumped.”

Source: KVVU-TV

The dog seems to be fitting in perfectly with his new family and senior packmate, Bucky. The two get along and go for walks together with Padilla and her human kids.

One thing Padilla says she would love is for people to adopt senior dogs and give them a second chance. She created an Instagram account for folks to follow Munchkin on social media.

Source: KVVU-TV

Congratulations on your new home and we wish you all the best, Munchkin!