A starving dog and children were found living at a home in such deplorable condition that it was condemned immediately by police.

Laurens County Animal Control responded to a home in Laurens, South Carolina, after receiving a call about a malnourished dog who was spotted chained up on their property without access to food or water.

Once Animal Control arrived, not only did they find the severely emaciated dog, but they discovered that the home was in such a wretched state that it was inhabitable.

The filthy home was surrounded by heaps of trash bags and garbage.

The dog was forced to live outside on a short chain with no shelter and no food or water. He was so malnourished that all of his ribs were protruding.

Since children were also living at the home, the Lauren County Sheriff’s Office was called, and homeowners Richard Spurgeon and Melanie Strickland were both arrested and charged with two counts each of Ill Treatment of an Animal, as well as Cruelty to a Child.

The kids were removed from the home, the dog was seized by Animal Control, and the home was immediately condemned.