Animals who get stuck in perilous situations are often at the mercy of fate for their survival. A video recently surfaced showing the heart wrenching plight of a poor cow whose limbs were badly entwined in piercing barbed wire.


Source: u/superonom/Reddit


No one knows how the cow ended up getting so heavily entangled in the barbed fence. She had been struggling to free herself for hours, but to no avail. As the poor creature got her head completely twisted under her body. She was hurt in several places and crying for help in the remote area.

Many people who passed by watched the cow in pain, but nobody wanted to be bothered by this tricky situation or waste their time over it. After hours of suffering, the cow just submitted to her fate and waited for death to end her pain. In this hopeless situation, 2 motorcyclists came as godsend and decided to help her!


Source: u/superonom/Reddit


This video shows the compassionate motorcyclists working arduously to free the cow. They shift the wires and the pillars of the fencing and meticulously work at freeing the cow’s limbs. When the cow is finally free, she thanks her rescuers and leaps joyfully back into the field. We salute these brave motorcyclists who helped the poor cow when no one else would!

Click the video below to watch the brave men fearlessly approaching the distressed cow to help her!

A heartwarming rescue from r/HumansBeingBros