Animals are being forcibly removed from their natural habitat due to deforestation and industrial growth. When the large interstate 90 highway in Washington state cut right through the natural habitat of many animals, concerned people did something about it.

Source: Twitter/@wsdot

A group of people came together and invested their time and money to save the innocent wildlife in the area. They planned a series of special wildlife bridges to help guide the animals across the dangerous area. Lined with lush plants and greenery, animal lives are being saved.

The Washington State Department of Transportation posted a video to Twitter capturing one such life saved. A coyote is seen crossing the highway, avoiding traffic, and as they joked, “anvils, ACME rockets & roadrunners” (a reference to the famed Roadrunner/Wiley Coyote cartoons).

Source: Twitter/@wsdot

This is the first of 20 bridges being planned. The camera footage proves that the coyote (and other animals) are making good use of this smart invention.

This just goes to show you then when a concerned group of citizens comes together to help animals, amazing things can happen. Watch this epic video of the coyote safely crossing below.