We’ve all had one of those days where nothing goes our way and we are left miserable and grumpy. For some of us, those days only happen once in a while, but for others, that is just the norm.

One dog, named Mr. Bubz, is extremely cranky, but we are unsure of if he’s having a bad day or if that’s just his personality. Or maybe he just doesn’t like to be coddled and kissed.

Whatever the case may be, this hilarious video of grumpy Mr. Bubz was posted on YouTube, as well as Twitter, and the Internet is in stitches. Twitter user Megan Frantz tweeted the video with the caption, “have not stopped thinking about this since I saw it. It’s so good.”

And good is definitely an understatement. The video has since gotten nearly 10 million views on Twitter alone. It begins with Mr. Bubz’ owner holding the cranky dog, telling him that he loves him, followed by a kiss. The dog is letting out a growl/whine–that almost sounds like the dog version of Gollum from Lord Of The Rings–and showing his pearly whites. The man then asks if he loves him back, but Mr. Bubz shows his feelings as his growl intensifies.

Luckily, this whole thing was caught on camera. Once Mr. Bubz realizes he’s being filmed, he makes the funniest face right at the camera. The woman who is recording tells Mr. Bubz that she got his crankiness on tape, and Mr. Bubz responds with a big hiss.

While the video is only 15 seconds long, it’s still too good to miss! Watch it below! You can also follow all of Mr. Bubz cranky antics on his Instagram page.