A story that sounds like something out of a horror movie has emerged in Farmington, New Mexico. A 53-year-old woman named Martha Crouch has been charged with a third-degree count of child abuse, fourth-degree felony of extreme cruelty to animals, and a misdemeanor count.

Authorities say Crouch beat her teenage daughter with a kitchen tool, shot the family dog, and forced her children to watch puppies being boiled on the stove.

Her 57-year-old husband, Timothy Crouch,  is accused of a misdemeanor count of obstruction of the investigation of child abuse or neglect. The couple has eight sons and seven daughters.

The sheriff’s office is also following up with other states and agencies due to multiple allegations shared by the children, including  Alaska, Kansas, Missouri, and Montana.

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Jayme Harcrow told The Farmington Daily Times, “It’s an ongoing investigation that is going to take us some time.”

Reports of the abuse include the kids not getting an education, boiling puppies as a “birthday present” for her daughter, and other disturbing charges.