Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, received a call regarding a dog who had been abandoned.

His family moved away and left him behind. The dog was lonely and confused and began wandering his Harrisburg neighborhood, looking for his family.

Every day, he would return to his house and lay on the front porch, hoping his family would come home. He was even seen jumping up on the front door, trying to get inside.

When a volunteer from the rescue showed up to the area, she spotted the poor dog eating out of a dumpster. When she tried to approach him, he ran off.

It turns out that he ran to his “safe place,” which just happened to be his old home. When the volunteer walked up to the doorstep, the dog was frantically jumping up and scratching at the door, begging his owners to let him in. But of course, they weren’t there and were never coming back.

It took a long time for the volunteer to gain the dog’s trust. Countless times he would run away, but always ended up back on his old porch, begging his family to let him in.

The volunteer cried as she put the dog in her car. Although the dog couldn’t understand her, she explained to him what was happening and expressed her sadness and apologies for his family letting him down.

She promised him that he would never be left alone ever again, and his new journey began.

They decided to name the sweet dog, Cupid, and he settled in well at the shelter. He is very friendly and loves giving hugs. He’s always wagging his tail and has the kindest eyes.

He still needs to go to the vet and get neutered, and the staff would like to get to know him a little better. Once he is ready, he will be available for adoption.

Cupid won’t have a hard time finding a loving forever home, considering the rescue has already received more than 50 applications for him!

They will carefully go through each one and pick the best home possible for Cupid, where he will be spoiled and loved for the rest of his life.