A Beaufort, South Carolina man is lucky to be alive after his dog saved him from a house fire.

Brian Rand, who lives alone, was sound asleep when all of a sudden he woke up to his dog, Curly, persistently nudging him with his nose.

He listened to Curly and got out of bed and quickly realized that his house was very smoke. When he looked through the side window, he saw the flames.

He immediately called 911 and firefighters from the City of Beaufort/Town of Port Royal Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire as quickly as they could.

Thanks to Curly’s quick acting, he and Rand not only made it out alive, but Rand’s countless war medals from when he served during the Vietnam War were able to be salvaged by firefighters.

Rand saved Curly’s life three years ago when he adopted him from an animal shelter, and now it was time for Curly to repay him!

Sadly, the fire damaged the entire home, and Rand was left without most of his belongings. Nevertheless, he is just thankful that he and Curly made it out alive.

Listen to Rand and Curly’s story in the video below: