This video is both a tutorial for other dogs and a hilarious attempt by an adorably cute German Shepherd to avoid time in the kennel. The request from his owner is pretty straightforward… But the tricks that this pooch pulls to try and escape are just priceless.

Of course, this isn’t the first dog to try and escape the kennel. Blaze the husky became an online celebrity for his impassioned appeal for freedom. And there may even be a psychological basis for our fear of those confined spaces. A recent study by The National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that dogs may not just feel uncomfortable in a kennel… it may actually affect their mental states and stress levels. (Seriously, who wants to be locked into metal cage? Even if it’s for our own good!)

Now, nothing so severe seems to be happening here. Nope, here we just have a dog who is loving his couch time and wants nothing to do with his kennel. And he quite literally prays for his freedom!

When the devout prayer pose doesn’t do the trick (which kind of amazes us; that alone should convince most owners to give up on whatever it was they wanted their dog to do), the dog tries tactic #2: hide and pretend to be invisible!

Not surprisingly, that strategy failed miserably, so it was back to praying dog pose for this cute German Shepherd. We give him an A for effort, and guess what? He even gets a reward for his efforts! Was it enough to keep him out of his kennel? We’re not sure, but we’re hoping it did! A dog this talented should be allowed certain luxuries.

As for the lesson from this video, all we can say is that dogs everywhere need to learn that prayer pose as soon as possible. How can any owner resist it?