Somjai Phummaman, of Chachoengsao, Thailand, was getting dressed when he noticed his pregnant dog, Aspin, had just given birth to two puppies in his bedroom.

He put them in a basket to keep them warm, and quickly realized that one of the puppies had a mutation unlike anything he’s ever seen before.

The pup only had one eye, which was in the middle of his head like a cyclops, and a mouth with big lips. Despite his differences, the newborn pup was moving around just like his brother, Mah.

He decided to name the pup Kevin after the Minions cartoon character, who also has a cyclops eye.

Since the puppy is unable to nurse from his mom properly, Somjai and his family take turns bottle-feeding him.

They are doing everything they can to help Kevin lead a normal life, although they aren’t sure if the pup’s single eye will function properly yet.

The family plans on keeping both puppies so that they could stay with the mama dog, Khainui.

Watch little Kevin in the video below: