Ask any pet parent of a Dachshund to describe their dog’s personality and they will likely say hilarious, spunky, and full of fun. A Reddit user posted a video of her Dachshund online recently, and not only is the dog a little spitfire in it, but the video has fellow dog owners cracking up laughing. Her Dachshund did something very unusual but very silly.

The pint-sized pooch is seen in the video sticking his chest out as if he is wanting to battle his owner. He stands in position, proudly puffing his little brown and black chest out, as if to say, “Hey mom, it’s time to battle me.” Within a few moments, the dog drops down to his owner’s chest and then quickly bounces back up to his original pose.

Source: @kimchibunny99/Reddit

Fortunately, the entire incident was videotaped, and Reddit user kimchibunny99 shared it online. She captioned it, “I feel like my dog just woke me up from a nap to fight me.”

Although the dog clearly was playing around with his mom, it’s rare that a dog wakes their owner up with such intensity, focus, and with his chest sticking out as proud as a peacock. Many people chimed in with comments in support of the dog and what he might be thinking. One person wrote, “You wanna take this outside!?’”

Source: @kimchibunny99/Reddit

Another commented, “You can’t ever skimp on the treats, because this is what you get. A standoff.”

Press play on the video below to see the adorable Dachshund in action.

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I feel like my dog just woke me up from a nap to fight me! 😂🐶 from r/aww