Since dogs are unable to speak, they often rely on body language to tell their humans exactly what they want. Video of a little Dachshund was posted recently to Reddit, and the Dachshund has total control of the situation. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in determination.

Though he is tiny, the pup is seen running like a big dog through the hallway of a hotel. Just behind him is his owner, who follows the small pup to their hotel room.

Source: Andrekweku/Reddit

It’s unclear why the doggo is excited and determined to get inside the room, but his tail wags.

“Ready,” his owner says.

Sitting patiently and waiting for his owner, as soon as the door opens he sees his cherished bed. Like a bolt of lightning, off he goes and runs straight to his fuzzy doggy bed.

Source: Andrekweku/Reddit

The pup plops down as if he is dog tired and needs to kick back and relax now. We hope you enjoy that cool bed and your room with a view, sweetie!

Press play on the video below to see the Dachshund in action.

His favorite place is his bed. from r/aww