A house fire in Maine claimed the life of the home’s owner, Sam Crawford, who went back inside the home to look for the family dog. Crawford managed to escape the burning blaze with two adults and two children but rushed back in for the dog. It was this action that cost Crawford his life.

It is believed that the fire broke out in an attached garage space which contained a heater. The heater switch was on and this is how the blaze likely began.

Source: Facebook/Sam Crawford

After Crawford escaped with the other people, he called 911 and was told not to go back inside. He ignored this and went back inside the home to look for their dog.

“Nobody actually saw him go back inside,” Orland Fire Chief Bob Conary told WABI 5. “The common thought was if he was at the scene he’d be with his family. That’s when we advised the fire marshal we believed we had a fatal fire,” he added.

Source: Facebook/Sam Crawford

Sadly, Crawford’s body was found in the rubble of the basement. The dog’s body was not found. Our hearts go out to Mr. Crawford’s family and friends.