Getting dogs to “play dead” is one of the oldest tricks in the book. The owner yells out “bang” to which the dog plops to the ground in an act that could garner some dogs consideration for an Oscar!

Obviously, some dogs are better at it than others, but Sam the German Shepherd takes it a step further than any dog I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop laughing! šŸ™‚

Dad starts it off by asking, “Do you want a treat, Sam?” The smart dog knows what’s about to come and gets in position. That’s when Dad says “bang!” and the German Shepherd puts on the most dramatic performance imaginable. Sam lets out a yelp before spinning around and hitting the floor, then he tops it off by rolling onto his back and putting his feet into the air!

I wonder how long this took to learn! I must say it’s very impressive. Wouldn’t you agree? šŸ™‚