Warning: Video contains content that may be upsetting to some viewers, discretion is advised

Feed Friends Foundation received a call about a dog who had been living on the streets in pain.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, they quickly spotted her and realized right away what was causing her so much pain.

It turns out that she was wearing not one, but two collars that were embedded in her neck. It caused her to constantly shake her head as she was walking because it was hurting her so badly.

Whoever put the collars on her decided to just add a second one rather than loosening the first one. It’s unknown exactly how long she had been walking around like that, but it had to have been for quite some time since the collar was deeply embedded.

Once rescuers got ahold of her, they rushed her to the vet where they were able to cut the collars off, revealing a painful wound. They cleaned the wound and treated her, and she was well on her way to recovery.

They decided to name this poor pup Daisy, who quickly broke out of her shell and showed everyone her sweet personality.

She went to live with a foster, where she would continue to heal with other pups. She enjoys playing with her new doggy friends, going for walks, and getting spoiled.

Daisy never deserved the life on the streets that she had lived for so long. She is now awaiting her forever home, but in the meantime, she will enjoy her beautiful second chance at life!