A video that appears to be taken in a neighborhood in Moses Lake, Washington, has caused an outrage over the past week. The video shows a man repeatedly cursing, punching and kicking a terrified dog in his backyard, while another dog is seen panicking and running away from him.

The clip was apparently recorded by a concerned neighbor who had followed the sounds of the dog’s agonizing moans and cries. The neighbor sneaked in the camera above the yard to take this video without the dog owner noticing, and then sent the recording to the Moses Lake Police Department. The same clip was also shared on social media, but has now been deleted.

Source: Aaron_H/Pixabay

The cops immediately launched an investigation for alleged animal abuse in response to this violent video. They soon found the owner to be 21-year-old Dakota O’Keefe. The man defended his actions saying that he punished the dog for killing one of his other dogs. He also produced the body of a dead Chihuahua, which had injuries akin to being attacked by another animal.

Source: kstrzeminska/Pixabay

As of now, Dakota has been charged with second degree animal cruelty. Officers have removed the abused dog from the home and say that he is safe. The other dog, who was seen running away from the man, was also captured and transferred to Grant County Animal Outreach Center. The cops are still contemplating on whether or not to remove the other animals still on the property. No decision has been taken on possible euthanization.

Let’s get the word out and make sure it is known that animal cruelty and abuse is not okay.

h/t KREM 2 News