Dan Holmes never imagined he’d be trying to save his drowning dog from a frozen backyard pool, but that’s exactly what he did recently in Arlington, Texas. Holmes hopes by sharing his story that people will be aware of where their dogs are at all times. Since Arlington, Texas isn’t used to cold temperatures and snow, this was an unusual situation that could have turned tragic.

Holmes was home with his Australian Shepherd and was out in his backyard sweeping up debris. He turned his back for a few moments and suddenly, his dog was in the pool, drowning underneath a thin layer of ice. His wife began to scream and that’s when the man turned around and saw his dog, Cristi, struggling to stay alive in the pool.

“I had no choice but to get in. There was no other choice but to do this. Our pets are like our kids,” Holmes shared. “My kids are grown. These are our kids. There was no question about what I had to do there.”

The man has lived in the area for over 50 years and told reporters he never saw such extreme weather before. Holmes stepped on the water to test it, but he fell right in. Luckily, he was able to pull the dog up and out of the water. Neither he nor Cristi got frostbite, and he now knows to keep a watchful eye on his pets at all times.

Thank goodness the diligent dog dad was on guard and able to pull Cristi to safety.

H/T: Spectrum Local News