Five counts of felony cruelty to animals and a $15,000 bond does not seem like enough punishment for the abuse 16-year-old Joshua Brian Davis inflicted on animals. A frightening case of animal abuse is being reported out of Randolph County, North Carolina.

For close to a month, authorities say Davis recorded videos of himself abusing raccoons, a cat, and opossums.

Source: Fox 5

Davis allegedly captured a raccoon in a live trap and then broke its leg and paw with bolt cutters. He caught another raccoon, stabbed it with a sharpened stick, and nailed it to a tree.

The arrest warrant reveals Davis strangled a cat with his bare hands and stabbed opossums, then nailing them to trees. Even more disturbing, while nailed to the trees, Davis is accused of gutting the animals.

Source: Gabriel FW Koch/Flickr

When called in, police say the teenager admitting making videos of his abusive acts.

In addition to the charges thus far, the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission has been contacted and more charges may be pending.