Michelle Pattillo made a heartbreaking discovery on a country road in California.

In the middle of the road was a big dog food bag, and Pattillo had a feeling of what was inside. She just wasn’t sure if it was too late, but sadly, it was.

Tied up inside the plastic bag was a deceased puppy, who looked to be around eight weeks old.

Pattillo, a dog-lover, brought the pup to her friend’s home so she could give him a proper burial on their large property.

But unfortunately, this wasn’t the last or only time Pattillo experienced such an awful incident.

A week later, Pattillo found a second bag with another dead puppy inside, and then a third bag that was ripped over and emptied.

“It makes me really angry but then sad for the puppy because my feeling is that puppy was alive when they put it in that bag, or else why would they have tied it?” Pattillo told ABC 13.

While they seem like animal abuse cases, Animal Services says discoveries like these on county roads are not uncommon. They say they can’t rule out the possibility that it was just a poor way of discarding a deceased pet who died of a sickness like Parvo.

Oftentimes when Animal Services tracks down the owners, they find out that the dog passed from Parvo and that the owners just don’t know how to properly dispose of their pets.

Many people end up taking the deceased pet out to the country and leaving it on the side of the road.

Regardless, Pattillo thinks this way of disposing of a dog’s body is wrong and unacceptable.

While it is difficult to track down pet owners and animal abusers without any surveillance footage, license plate numbers or witnesses, Pattillo hopes that someone will eventually be held accountable for these horrible repeated incidents.

H/T to ABC 13.