Dog trainers can help pet parents with their dog’s basic obedience, performance activities, and teach owner techniques to have a long, positive relationship with their pooch. Sadly, not everyone should be a dog trainer, and not all dog trainers are qualified to be in the company of dogs. I Love My Dog hopes by sharing this story that our readers will be cautious about where they take their pets for training. The more people who know about abusive animal trainers, the more we can keep animals out of harm’s way.

From the outside, 60-year-old Shawn Michael Deehan seems like a caring, dedicated dog trainer. However, what went on behind closed doors is the stuff of which nightmares are made. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia received a notification of possible animal cruelty at Deehan’s place of business, Global Dynamic Security and The Perfect Dog. The building was reported as a canine training facility, but what Deehan did to dogs behind closed doors is disgusting.

Source: Fredrik Ohlander/Unsplash

A seizure warrant was served, and officers found twelve dogs living in feces and urine, housed in cages with urine burns to the skin. The dogs had no food, no water, and at least one was severely underweight with neglected injuries to his paws. The dog was rushed to the hospital, and all 12 animals were removed from the property. Fortunately, Deehan was arrested and ordered to forfeit the six dogs that remained in his care. Those six animals were taken to the Orange County Animal Shelter, where Deehan can never harm them.

Source: Pavan Naik/Unsplash

After the judge ordered the animals released to the shelter, he also informed Deehan that he could not own companion animals. However, the judge allowed the abuser to possess dogs for the purpose of training them. Deehan can appeal the case and has another court hearing coming up in the near future.

Source: Orange County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

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