A fearful dog that had been badly injured was rescued in the nick of time! The young dog was found lying in the street by a woman and she brought him to a nearby vet clinic. He was wounded inside and out. It was obvious that his fear was so severe and deep-rooted that it would take time, and a lot of patience, to earn his trust.

The day after the dog came to the vet, Ermioni with DAR Animal Rescue, introduced herself. The poor pup struggled to stand upright. His whole body ached. He was also carrying the weight of the world on his little puppy shoulders. He’s likely never known kindness in his life! He was so fearful that he just looked up, refusing to make eye contact.

Ermioni started to work with him slowly to try and gain his trust. She sat on the floor with him and gave him some food. The dog was still very hesitant. The experienced rescuer knows to take it slow with him. She gives him some pets and tells him she will be back the next day!

With Ermioni’s gentle persistence, the sweet dog makes some progress a few days later. He actually wags his tail when he sees her. It may not seem like a big deal… but it is! Ermioni knows that dogs like this one need as much love and affection as possible without overstepping his space. She gives him exactly what he needs and he rewards his new favorite human with a smile!

While the vet continues to treat the pup, Ermioni comes in daily to remind him that he’s loved. She bathes him and grooms him and he looks so much better. His spine is doing better too and he can walk around a bit easier. Ermioni hates leaving him at the vet clinic in a confined kennel but it won’t be for long!

The vet calls a few days later and tells Ermioni that she can pick him up so long as she sticks to his strict routine. He still has some healing to do! Ermioni agrees. Seeing her embrace the frightened dog as she tells him, “you’re coming with me this time…” is just amazing!

When they arrive at DAR’s shelter, the dog is shown his new temporary home. It’s much roomier than the vet kennel and he has his own bed and toys. Still, Ermioni is sad because she’d rather he’d be placed right into a home. But it’s the best they can do for now.

The rescue group will continue to look for a forever home for the deserving pooch. We are so happy he was rescued and is in a loving environment. To see the entire story, please scroll down!