Some dogs are incredibly talented and do everything from tricks for treats and agility in competitive canine sporting events, and then there’s Hunter. Hunter is an 8-year-old Shiba Inu who takes his talents to the extreme and is making a living for himself and his owner as a result. The talented pooch puts a paintbrush in his mouth and creates works of art that are sold worldwide.

“We’ve gotten orders from all over the place,” said Denise Lo, Hunter’s mom. “To know that his art is all over the world is pretty cool for us.”

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

When Hunter’s owners were teaching the dog tricks a few years ago, they ran out of things to show him. Since Hunter is full of energy and likes to try new things, they decided to try and teach the pooch to paint. They showed Hunter how to hold a brush in his mouth and then touch it onto a canvas. The dog picked up on the idea very fast, and so did his admirers.

“We didn’t expect the feedback to come back like, ‘Hey, can we buy one? Can we buy one? Can we buy one?” Lo reported. “We were like, ‘he’s just a dog!'”

Source: Inside Edition/YouTube

Hunter simply paints the canvas with a few strokes, gets a reward from his mom, and then touches the canvas some more. Once the artwork is finished, the dog stands beside it like the proud creator he is. His owner stamps the dog’s paw onto each of his works of art. Of all the dog’s proceeds from selling the art, most of the proceeds go to charity, including a Korean dog rescue.

Watch the dog in action by pressing play on the video below. We think Hunter is creating works of “arf.”

H/T: CBC Canada