Two Ashland County Sheriff’s deputies rescued a duo of bear cubs who were trapped in a flooded den.

Deputies Zach Pierce and Dylan Wegner found the cubs near the Bad River Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin after hearing them cry out for help.

The poor bears were soaked and freezing, so the deputies brought them into their car to warm them up. Unfortunately, the cubs’ mother never returned.

A conservation warden quickly arrived at the scene and brought the cubs to Wild Instincts in Rhinelander, where they are getting ‘round the clock care.

The male cub weighed in at 5.5 pounds while the female was just 4.4 pounds. The girl was put in an incubator and is finally doing much better.

Both bears are expected to make a full recovery and will eventually be released back into the wild in the fall.

Watch the video below that the deputies took of the cubs crying for help before they rescued them:

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