Derrick Campana, a certified medical prosthetist, began his career building medical prosthetics for war veterans. So, when he was approached by a veterinarian to make prosthetics for a dog, Derrick wasn’t so sure of his capabilities.



He fought his doubts and successfully made a prosthetic limb for a needy dog. That’s when he realized that there aren’t many people to help these poor creatures in need of prosthetic limbs.

With a steely resolve, Derrick set up “Animal Ortho Care”, with the sole objective to bring mobility to the lives of the unfortunate animals, and give them another chance at life.



Derrick’s patients include a wide range of animals – some are born with disabilities, while others have lost their limbs through injuries or diseases. Derrick makes custom-made limbs, as per the walking needs and body-type of these animals.



Derrick feels that the best part of his profession is being able to see the vibrant smiles on the otherwise dejected faces of these amputee animals. Today, he has changed the lives of more than 25,000 animals, with over 200 new cases coming in each month.



Derrick wants more and more people to have awareness about the existence of prosthetics and orthodontic services for pets. That way, a lot of pets can be saved from being put down without being given a fighting chance. We hope Derrick’s noble efforts reach people far and wide.

Click the video below to watch Derrick’s sincere endeavor to bring happiness back into the lives of these helpless animals!