A tragic incident happened on a freeway in Corona, California, and a drunk driver is to blame. The victim, Desiree Taitano, got out of her car to check on her dogs, not knowing this would be the last time she would ever see them.

Desiree was following a friend who had her dogs in the vehicle. One of the dogs got upset in the car, so Desiree and her friend both pulled over to see what was wrong.

Source: ABC7

As they were parked on the side of the freeway, Desiree exited her vehicle and walked up to the truck that had her dogs inside. In this moment, a drunk driver hit Desiree and then fled the scene.

The suspect, Jose Hidalgo, abandoned his vehicle 500 feet away. Police later arrested him for felony hit and run and DUI.

Desiree’s mom, Rose Taitano, told ABC 7, “I had the security guard and three doctors come in and tell me how sorry they were, that they tried, they tried hard.”

Source: ABC7

Both Desiree and her wife, Anja, rescue animals, including all three dogs in the truck. Police urge the public to call a friend or a taxi when drinking. Driving drunk or even buzzed is NOT okay. This, like so many accidents like it, was 100 percent avoidable.

Our hearts and condolences go out to Desiree’s family and friends.