Tonino Vitale from Italy is one dedicated dad. When his 13-year-old Labrador, Dylan, was diagnosed with arthritis, Tonino was quick to notice his once-adventurous dog’s downbeat spirit. The poor baby’s hurting joints just wouldn’t let him walk, run or play like before.


Source: LaC TV/YouTube


Tonino knew that Dylan would soon become depressed and lose his will to live if this went on too long. So, he decided to take him out for some fresh air every day. Due to Dylan’s medical condition, Tonino built him a cart where he could sit and be dragged around for walks. What a brilliant idea!

As Dylan and Tonino resumed their daily “walks”, Tonino noticed that his pooch was back to being a happy boy! One day, a neighbor took the pair’s video on one of their morning routes, and shared it on social media. The video went viral within days, with people all over the world being touched by Tonino’s dedicated love for his elderly dog!


Source: LaC TV/YouTube


Tonino says that Dylan was there for him when he was neck-deep in grief after his father passed away. It is only natural for him to go out of his way to ensure Dylan’s comforts in his time of need. And to Tonino, that means making his furry buddy feel loved every single day. What a great pair!

Click the video below to watch Tonino and Dylan during one of their adorable walks!