The roll over trick is one of the most popular and loved dog trick. Along with the ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’ tricks, the roll over trick is part of a basic trio of tricks that most dog owners try to teach their dogs early on.



But what about cats? Can cats be taught any tricks at all, let alone teach them to roll over? Well, if Didga the cat is anything to go by, the answer is apparently “Yes!” What’s the catch, you ask? The only catch is, the cat has to ‘like’ the trick first!



Didga was adopted from a shelter by a professional trainer and lives with a bunch of other dogs and cats. The trainer would train his dogs routinely, and Didga would watch them while relaxing.

As the days went by, Didga picked up a liking for one particular trick – the rollover. She decided to join in with her Rottweiler siblings whenever they were performing this trick.



Didga proved to be an expert copycat, as she started performing the rollover herself, that too when her dad called her name!

Seeing how amazing this was, one day Didga’s dad decided to capture her copycat antics on tape! What resulted is a video that went hugely viral on Facebook and YouTube, getting millions of views from all over the world!



Didga’s love for this trick has turned her into an internet sensation. A cat that forgot how to be a cat– is hysterical!

Click the video below to watch Didga as she wins hearts everywhere!