One day in October 2016, a woman named Simone Serfontein witnessed a baby squirrel fall from a nest in a tree in South Africa.

The mother never came for her, so Simone decided to take the newborn squirrel in and hand-raise it herself, or else she wouldn’t survive.

The squirrel was so young that her eyes hadn’t even opened yet, but she continuously cried out for her mom and she was very cold and afraid.

Simone took her into her home and warmed her up. She decided to name her Dingetjie, and with the help of her boyfriend, Christof, was able to successfully raise the squirrel, who grew up to be big and healthy.

Instead of leaving Dingetjie home alone, Simone brought her wherever she went. They developed a very special bond, something Simone never expected.

Once she felt Dingetjie was ready, she released her outside in the Greater Kruger National Park where she lives. But it wasn’t goodbye, for Dingetjie often came back to Simone’s house to visit her.

When Dingetjie was six months old, they discovered that she was pregnant! Simone kept her inside to protect her, but sadly she ended up giving birth to a stillborn.

Soon after, she got pregnant again. She eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Dingetjie had so much trust in Simone that she let her hold her baby and help care for her.

While Dingetjie and her daughter roam the outdoors as they please, they still come back to Simone’s home every day.

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