Roxy had been through more than any dog ever should. She had a TVT (small cancerous growth) and it looked so bad that her owners called Sidewalk Specials to euthanize her.

When rescuers picked her up, she was bleeding very badly and looked awful. But they knew they couldn’t put her to sleep because they had faith that Roxy could still live a happy life, especially when they saw her wag her tail. That tail wag proved to rescuers that she still had a whole lot of fight left in her!

Luckily, her TVT was curable, so they decided to start chemotherapy sessions. Roxy was very depressed, which is understandable since her family just dumped her there. She was left confused and lonely, but little did she know, things were about to get so much better.

As Roxy was going through treatments and healing, she lived with a foster. Her spirits got a little brighter each day. Now, months later, Roxy has finished her chemo and has been cleared of cancer!

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