Woman Hates Barking Dog and, Tries Killing Him By Feeding Him Poisoned Chicken

A Colorado Springs woman who tried to poison and kill a dog. Usually poisoning cases are difficult to link to a suspect, but in this case, the cops have proof in the form of a surveillance video acquired from the dog’s owners.


Source: CBS Denver/YouTube


In this video, we see the woman tossing chicken laced with antifreeze over the fence. The dog sniffs the chicken, but is cautious enough not to consume any. The owners immediately informed the cops when they discovered this footage. Investigations are currently on. Share this story and help the cops catch this monstrous woman.

Update: As per latest updates, cops have managed to track the woman and arrest her. The culprit, 73-year-old Margaret Werker, claims that she was tired of the dog’s incessant barking and wanted to silence him forever. But she had no idea that her actions were caught on CCTV. She has pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty charges.


Source: CBS Denver/YouTube


Margaret made her hatred for dogs pronounced. She has been given a deferred sentence and penalized with a $250 fine payable to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. We are glad that Margaret’s attempt to kill the dog failed.  But do stay wary of strangers who try to feed your pets.

Click the video below to watch the footage of Margaret trying to poison the dog and her subsequent arrest.