The Fox Valley Humane Association of Appleton, Wisconsin is doing amazing work for animals. The non-profit shelter cares for over 5,000 animals a year. Recently, they accepted a bonded pair they knew couldn’t be adopted separately. Hank the dog arrived at the shelter with a fuzzy purple hippopotamus he loved. (One very like this sweet li’l stuffed hippo.)

Hank and the hippo

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Hank and his purple hippo are a bonded pair, so if you aren't ready for a 4 year old Chocolate Lab to come home when you adopt your fuzzy Hippopotamus…well, sorry, we can't approve your application. The hippo won't let us get an age on her, but we don't think she's quite as old as Hank..They've been together a long time though. She IS spayed and current on vaccinations, but does seem a bit lethargic. Hank is most definitely not. They do say that opposites attract…. #fvha #foxvalleyhumaneassociation #adoptme #adoptdontshop #labsofinstagram #rescuedog #chocolatelab #shelterdog #fuzzypurplehippo

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The shelter posted the two on Instagram, stating “Hank and his purple hippo are a bonded pair, so if you aren’t ready for a 4 year-old chocolate Lab to come home when you adopt your fuzzy hippopotamus…well, sorry, we can’t approve your application.”

Fuzzy purple hippo undergoes emergency surgery

In a shocking turn of events, the fuzzy purple hippo was recently found nearly decapitated in Hank’s kennel. On-site vets leapt into action to save the hippo’s life.

No one knows quite what happened, but Hank looked a little guilty.

Police investigate the hippo assault

Luckily, the Appleton police were on the case, and worked hard to determine Hank’s innocence. “Hank said that he was scared that the Fuzzy Purple Hippo would get in trouble for trying to get out of their kennel and he wanted to protect her. He was willing to go to prison to keep her free and able go to a good home.”

Dog picketers pounding the pavement for Hank’s innocence

Hippo talks through the incident with a therapist

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UPDATE: Fuzzy Purple Hippo met with a therapist this morning to discuss whether or not she feels safe in her relationship with Hank. Although their love for one another is very apparent, we want to be sure that there are no underlying issues and that she is not suffering from any emotional scars from her injuries. HIPPO laws prohibit her therapist from disclosing what she said in their session. …wait…we meant HIPPA laws, sorry. **Domestic violence and PTSD are serious issues. If you or someone you know are are suffering, help is available! The National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE PTSD USA Helpline 877-717-PTSD #fuzzypurplehippo #fvha #foxvalleyhumaneassociation #shelterlife

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Hank is finally cleared of all wrongdoing

As the FVHA shared news of Hank’s clean record, they also let everyone know that Hank and hippo had found a forever home together at last.

Check out the photo of his new family below.

Hank and fuzzy purple hippo with their new family

Congratulations Hank and Fuzzy Purple Hippo!


If your dog needs a fuzzy purple hippo of his or her own, this one is absolutely adorable.


H/t: Fox Valley Humane Association


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