One of the toughest marathon races on the planet is called Marathon des Sables, and it takes place in the grueling Sahara Desert. The nearly 141-mile race wreaks havoc on even the most accomplished runners. Don’t tell that to Cactus the dog. For him, the race was a piece of cake.

The dog joined up with the marathon runners in the second stage of the long race and finished 52nd out of almost 800 runners.

Source: @marathonDsables/Twitter

People train their entire lives to try and complete this incredible journey, yet the dog managed to beat many of them. Cactus clocked in with a final time of four hours and 30 minutes. He even battled a sandstorm in one of the stages of the race.

In the fifth stage, he was given marathon number 000 and had a bevy of fans cheering him on.

Source: @marathonDsables/Twitter

Fellow runners gave the dog words of encouragement and water. He even had folks tweeting about him and posting videos to social media.

Cactus was awarded a medal and his very proud owners smiled proudly by their dog for the many cameras.

Source: @marathonDsables/Twitter

In a legendary tweet, the actual Marathon des Sables shared, “Cactus is going home. After joining the adventure of the 34th MDS, his owners came to bring him home. It was an emotional moment, thank you for all the support.”

Watch the amazing dog in the now popular video below. Way to go, Cactus!