Zak Anderegg had gone hiking before, but this particular hike stood out amongst the rest. This was one hike he would remember for the rest of his life.

As he was walking, he peered down into a dark, 350-foot deep canyon in Northern Arizona and laid eyes on a sickly puppy. The puppy stared back at him with sad eyes. In that moment, Zak knew he had to help this poor dog.

It’s unknown exactly how this puppy wound up at the bottom of the canyon, but Zak suspected that someone put him there. If the pup had fallen down there, then he most likely would have been injured.

Zak put food on a plate for the puppy, who didn’t even hesitate to gobble it right up. He was starving and so emaciated that you could see every single one of his ribs sticking out of his dirty fur.

Zak hoped that the poor pup would survive until he was able to come back to save him. The next day, Zak brought some long rope to the canyon and used it to reach the puppy.

He brought him to an animal hospital, where he would receive immediate medical attention. The puppy was now safe and in good hands, but his journey was far from over…  Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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