In a heartbreaking story, a loyal dog refused to leave his friend who died after getting hit by a car. The dog guarded his dead friend’s body for half an hour till their owner arrived.



In Nianli town of Quzhou city, China, a Husky was hit by a car on a busy road. He died right there on the road. His best friend, a cream-colored dog, kept guard over his body, and even tried waking him up several times.

The cream-colored dog wouldn’t let anyone come near his friend. The public and police had to wait for half an hour until the dog’s owner could be tracked down. When the owner came and carried the Husky to the side of the dog, the other dog followed closely, hoping his friend would wake up.



This is one of the most heartbreaking videos to watch. So we advise you to please keep tissues handy. This video goes to show how the concepts of friendship and loyalty are deeply ingrained in every dog’s psyche. We pray for the Husky to Rest In Peace, and hope his best friend is taken care of in the days to come.

Click the video below to watch this heartbreaking incident caught on film.