Meet Hunter! A Shiba Inu That Makes Abstract Art You Can Buy Online
Anyone who has ever trained their dog to do a trick knows the feeling of pride that comes over you when the dog performs. Imagine what Kenny Au and Denise Lo must be feeling when they watch their dog paint things for them. The couple has a four-year-old Shiba Inu dog who paints beautiful art and then they sell it online.

Source: YouTube

The married couple is always coming up with ways to keep their dog’s mind active. He loves to do dog puzzles, but the dog needed something more challenging. Since they had some blank space on their walls, they decided to see if the doggo would love to try painting. Amazingly, Hunter the Shiba Inu not only liked it, but he is really good at it!

When Hunter wants to paint, he even goes over and barks at his mom and dad. He even seems to get a calm feeling when he channels his inner Picasso, or is that ‘Paw-casso?”

Source: Instagram/Shiba.Art.Online

Hunter has grown a social media following and even has an Etsy shop of his very own. As long as the dog loves it, the couple says they will continue to let him express himself through art. See for yourself in this talented dog video below.